What is it ? #2

I was at the library needing one of these one of these last week. I had finally figured out that I have to use a hair dryer to remove tape, but then I still had a sticky residue left over. Knowing that no one in the library would have one of these, I went on a hunt in dusty corners to see if I could find an old rubber cement bottle because in the past I have used dried up rubber cement to remove sticky crud.

Wa-a-ay in the past (before we had computers on every desk) when laying out a page for publication we had to physically paste the parts together before it was photographed.  We used rubber cement or sometimes wax to glue the parts of a newspaper page together.

Rubber cement oozes and thickens so sometimes there’s a little cleaning to do. The best tool for that is the rubber cement pick-up.

Little rubbery thing

Little rubbery thing