Before and after: spine label fix.

before and after

I have a full artist’s studio with so many materials stuffed in, I’ll never be able to move, but it comes in handy for trying out stuff. I wanted to clean up this label without making it too new. I cleaned the label with alcohol to remove grease and oils and then I used acrylic gold paint, but not too heavy a coat, just stroking with a soft brush into areas that had the most losses.

Spine Repair part 1 and 2

I spent a little time the other day introducing spine replacement. I had intended to have several books partially repaired so I could show the steps, but I wasn’t that organized. (I guess I’m waiting for a writer and production crew.)

Aran Galligan has posted excellent videos. I have scrutinized them many times. Keep in mind that there are different details on other videos (and we have come up with some of our own), but the process is similar.