Bookbinding with newsprint?

We were taking off  the worn spine from an old book last week and found newsprint and an electronic strip. An interesting time capsule. No one had ever seen newsprint-looks like an industry rag-used in this way. Have you?

hidden spine reinforcement

6 thoughts on “Bookbinding with newsprint?

  1. I sure have — I repair books at a university library. Today I came across a book about Greek Herbal Lore that was falling apart. I discovered newsprint in Hebrew in the spine! I’ve seen newsprint there several times before, but never in Hebrew. This book was printed in the US in 1934.

  2. Yes, fun to see. I do think some of the ones I’ve seen with newsprint inside the spine were originally bound that way. I guess smaller binderies would have used whatever materials were plentiful.

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