A little free library

I saw this beautiful house last week in the next town over, but today I had a camera with me! The label on the roof says, “Little Free Library, Take a Book, Return a Book, Donated by Friends of the Give It Forward Team (GIFT). To participate see: littlefreelibrary.org.”

I would have taken a book, but I have so many unread at home.

Little free library

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Fixing loose hinges

loose hinge

Loose hinge: one of the first places a book starts to fall apart and the first repair we teach. Sometimes the glue hasn’t been applied well for some reason and the endsheet (the long sheet at the opening) pulls apart easily from the book boards.

How to fix: coat a knitting needle with PVA. Put it in the loose spot and twirl the needle around all sides of hinge area. Coat the additional loose spot, too, while you’re at it.

Use the side of a bone folder with light pressure in the ditch (hinge). As you feel contact with the bookboard you can increase pressure. Friction and pressure produce contact. Pay attention to any glue that seeps out the end so that you can wipe it away with a finger or cloth. Figuring out how much glue to use is hard and takes time.

Next, insert a piece of waxed paper for insurance against stray blobs of glue. Use the bone folder again on the outside of the book in the channel created by the hinge. Wrap rubber bands around the book and insert a bamboo skewer in the channel. Put a weight on top to reinforce the newly glued contact. You’ll be able to carefully inspect the hinge in about an hour. It might not be fully dried, but you can get feedback about your work.

Here’s a video       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUoks74OYYA

Lining the spine

torn endsheets

I was working on this new book. Had someone thrown it across the room in a Keith Richards moment of wild abandon ?

At the same time I (randomly) opened Conservation Book Repair to page 81 and found the information about spine liner malfunction. As she points out if you’re going to go through all the trouble to rebuild the book, you might as well give the spine a little help in distributing the weight more evenly so you don’t end up with the dreaded V-shape.

You can download Conservation Book Repair from http://www.library.state.ak.us/hist/conman.html  It’s free! I have a copy at home and one at the library.

Until the glue is dry the spine liner feels cool to the touch.

spine liner malfunction, p. 81