Comb binding #2

Not too long ago we were celebrating our success with fixing a spiral binding. Our reward is that several more have crept in to the fixit pile!

Tonight I found this article:Spiral Bindings in a Hard Cover: An Alternative to Rebinding – by William Minter.  You can find the article at,  Archival Products NEWS Volume 5, No.1, page three.

This article would not have changed how we fixed our problem book, but it may be a way to protect the books we already have. I’m going to have to study the diagram when I have more brain space.

spiral binding helper

Hollow spine research

We used to use Tyvek for hollow spines…

I was reading about soft structure Tyvek in the Talas catalog and that started me thinking. Last year I found that PVA didn’t glue two layers that well-it was easy to separate them.
So after reading about the new Tyvek with a soft waffle-like texture, I decided to wash and scrunch up some scraps and then glue pieces together. Wheat paste didn’t work (I didn’t think it would), but PVA worked better than last time I tried.

I could still pull the layers apart, but with some difficulty. Either there was a coating that I washed off or the wrinkling process helped or both.

Things fall apart

I don’t know why it’s taken so long to deconstruct a children’s book. This is a discarded book with missing pages, so I took it apart. If it were a book I was fixing I think I could glue the endsheet back without cleaning up the page and board further because the coated paper is pretty thick.

The big thing for me is seeing the hot glue strip: it’s wimpy (easy to strip off) and not attached to anything (was it ever?)